Rachel Sevier, NASM-CPT, BCS, WLS

I am no superstar. I'm definitely not an athlete. What I am is a personal trainer who understands what you're going through because I've been there too. My passion for helping people lose unwanted body fat and living a healthier life has led me here. Shape Fitness exists to help YOU, either in person or via my online training program, become the best version of you and achieve the goals you never thought you could.


I'm from Durham, NC, which is were I still reside with my husband and our 3 cats (although I'm sometimes embarrassed to admit we have 3!). After high school, I attended Meredith College for one year until I realized I didn't have a clue what I wanted to major in. I took some time off from college, which eventually led me to attending the National Personal Training Institute where I graduated in 2013 as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I also hold a Certificate of Nutrition and I am a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and Certified Behavior Change Specialist.


- Rachel Sevier, NASM-CPT, BCS, WLS

My Testimony...


During our engagement, my husband and I were regulars at a laundry list of restaurants. We did appetizers, drinks, entrées, desserts... everywhere we went! The whole time, I never realized what I was doing to myself. In fact, I thought that since I was a personal trainer I couldn't gain weight. Wrong! I looked in the mirror on my wedding day and realized I had gained 30 pounds! Well, that was April, 18 2014 and I have since lost the weight through the diet and workouts that I teach my clients.


The picture on the left is from our honeymoon in the Virgin Islands in May 2014. I weighed 172lbs. The picture on the right is one year later and 30 pounds lighter, after coaching myself through the same programs I create for my clients.


While it's been a difficult, and often a frustrating journey, I appreciate what I've been through when I can honestly tell my clients "I get it. I understand what you're feeling. But don't lose hope. You can do it!"


- Rachel