I have been working out with Rachel for just 6 weeks now and the results are unbelievable! I have lost 5lbs, 5% body fat and 2 inches now in my stomach! I feel phenomenal. I had been working out and eating well (or what I thought was well) for months and had no results. She has now given me a much better understanding of nutrition and healthier eating. She took a different approach than anything I had tried before. Having a child I never thought it was possible to have a nice flat stomach again. I am truly impressed and amazed!



I’ve been working with Rachel online and through FaceTime for almost eight months now.  At the beginning of the year, I decided that it was finally time to get back to exercising and eating well, especially to lose baby weight (when my “baby” is now 2!).  Rachel is wonderful to work with!  She is so encouraging, and is always willing to answer questions about nutrition, exercise, etc.  Before working with Rachel, I had lost 10 pounds since last year.  In the first two months with Rachel, I lost 14 pounds!  If you’re ready to start working with a personal trainer, I highly recommend working with Rachel!



Working out with Rachel has allowed me to fit fitness back into my busy schedule. With two children under 2 and a post baby body I was in need of not only a well rounded workout, but an efficient one. Rachel has tailor designed each workout to give me a cardio, weight training, flexibility combo that my body needs and fits it into a short time frame. Each week is different and challenging, with Rachel's ability to critique my form I know I am getting the most out of each workout and look forward to the next.



Simply put, Rachel is skilled, passionate and committed to improving her clients’ health. I began working out with no previous, consistent training regimen. I was interested in becoming more fit from both a strengthening and weight-loss perspective. She steadily increased the complexity of my workouts and monitored my success through regular assessments. She provided much needed guidance, unwavering support and instilled a sense of motivation in me that I wasn’t sure I had! I have never stuck to a program prior to working with Rachel and plan to continue the journey and look forward to hitting my milestones!


Anne Marie