Online Training

Short on time?

or not local?

Shape Fitness Online Personal Training could revolutionize your weight loss efforts with a very flexible and affordable mode of training. With online training, you get personal attention and guidance through your journey via video chat, and short, high intensity workout videos that can fit into any schedule, be done by any fitness level, and ultimately help you reach your goals!


  What you get...


  • 45 minute initial video chat session to go over your medical history, goals, and nutrition

  • 15 minute weekly video chat session to evaluate progress and make any necessary modifications to your program

  • Custom weekly workout schedule of Shape Fitness YouTube video workouts

  • Unlimited access to Rachel through FaceBook, email, and texting

  • Amazing results!





Per Week
$30 per week

includes one 20min video chat session, workout schedule for the week, and unlimited access to Rachel through Facebook, email and text

Per Month

$105 per month

includes four 20min video chat sessions (one per week), workout schedule for the month, and unlimited access

to Rachel through Facebook, email and text


*All payments are taken over the phone during your session.


Get Started...


Contact Rachel to get started! 919-309-5245 or



Please note the Cancellation Policy.




Erin lost 35lbs in 6 months!

Shannon lost 5lbs and 2.5 inches in 4 weeks!